Death Valley.png
"Why is there nobody else here?", she whispered anxiously.
"I don't know... maybe it's shoulder season honey", he answered, feigning reassurance.
The lights of the old motel flickered ominously as the pale, ancient clerk wheezed behind the solid oak desk. This was supposed to be a honeymoon vacation filled with romance and adventure... but it was turning into something else.
"What time is check-out?", the newly-married groom nervously asked the clerk.
"Hahahahaha!!! We'll see if you make it that far..." came the reply.
And so it began. A night of horror, of shock, of terror, and pure bloody massacre... oh, the blood... on the walls, the linens, the doors, coming out of every vent, crack and crevice... never ever would they be able to scrub clean the mental images of that blood. SO. MUCH. BLOOD.
Potter's House of Horrors welcomes you to our newest haunted house that we call Death Valley Motor Inn. Imagine a lonely desert hotel that has secrets too horrific to share. Psychotic killers, deranged murderers, midnight stranglers all wander the hallways looking for their next victim. There's no problem getting you checked in... the question is whether you'll be able to get out!! Come enjoy our morbid brand of hospitality... we're sure you'll enjoy all the amenities we have to offer and hey, there's no resort fees! We hope you can stand a little bit of blood though... the cleaning lady is lagging a bit behind these days ever since she took a knife in the back... muah-ha-ha-ha!! 

Imagine a hand. It can pick things up.. it can hold your coffee.. it can wave goodbye. Now imagine that hand after it gets caught in a set of giant industrial gears… it’s not a pretty sight. And “unpretty things” might be the best way to describe our awesome haunted house that we call DEVIL’S DESCENT. You’ll be thrown into a terrifying vortex of rotted wood, rickety mineshafts, punishing industrial machines, screeching monsters, gasping zombies and so much more. Are the monsters real? Are they fake? Why are they following you? Why do they know your name? WHERE’S THE EMERGENCY EXIT?!?! We’re sure all these questions and much, much more will enter into your head once you have a taste of our DEVIL’S DESCENT. Oh, and here’s a little tip… if you don’t make it out with all your limbs intact, don’t slowly wander around trying to find your severed arm… it just might be used to bludgeon you to death!!! If all of this sounds fun to you, we think you will absolutely love DEVIL’S DESCENT!! It’ll be like sending lambs to the slaughter… BAHHHHHHHHH!!