What is Potters House of Horrors?
Potter’s House of Horrors is a live-theatre haunted event with a pair of ultra-spooky haunted houses comprised of labyrinth-like walk-thrus over a 15,000 square foot layout. It consists of several rooms and displays connected together by dark twisty hallways. Creepy actors, pouncing animatronics, custom digital sounds and many, many surprises await inside the halls of Potter's House of Horrors.. enter if you dare!!

Where can I buy tickets online?


What does a single ticket for Potter's House of Horrors allow me to do?

A single ticket allows access to ONE of our haunted houses. Which house to explore is your choice. PATRONS MUST PURCHASE TWO TICKETS if they would like to explore both haunted houses. ** PLEASE NOTE: Patrons who purchase two tickets must line up a second time to get into the second haunted house.

What is Family Hour? 

Family Hour is a tamer version of our haunted houses geared towards the younger crowd and the faint-at-heart. There are no actors, very little animatronics, lower sounds, etc. We recommend Family Hour for children 12 & under but any age may attend. 


What is Li'l Haunters?

Li'l Haunters is our cute n' friendly children's area exclusively made for children 12 & under. Attractions include a bouncy castle, two small haunted houses, table games (ie, air hockey), ball tosses, etc. Children that are afraid to enter our big, scary haunted houses usually have a lot of fun in our L'il Haunters area. For more information about L'il Haunters, please go HERE

Are there any age restrictions? What is the age recommendation?
There are no age restrictions but Potter's recommends the event for ages 12 and up for our "ultra-scary show" (starting after 7pm). Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older for the ultra-scary show as it's generally geared towards adults and teens. There are emergency exits located throughout the event should anyone decide to “chicken out”. Security personnel are there to assist people who need to leave the haunted house. There are no refunds should anyone decide to leave.


Children around the age of 12 may enjoy the event more during Family Hour, with softer sounds, no actors, very little animatronics, etc. Younger children will likely enjoy our cute n' friendly L'il Haunters children's area. 


Please check the schedule page HERE for the ultra-scary show, Family Hour and L'il Haunters schedules/ open hours. 

When I try to buy tickets online it asks me if I want them mailed? Does it actually physically mail me tickets?

No, tickets are emailed directly to your email address. Tickets are not sent via snail mail.


What other attractions are there at your event?

On top of our cool-yet-terrifying haunted houses, Potter's House of Horrors has a number of other fun things to see and do. There's a haunted photobooth that sends four pics right to your email/ smart phone. There's a coffin ride where patrons can discover what it's like to be buried alive (muah-ha-ha!!!). There's a horrifically fun paintball shoot. We also have our very own escape room, complete with head-scratching puzzles and a few startling surprises!! Lots of fun for the whole family!


There's an Escape Room? What's that all about?

Yes! Potter's House of Horrors is proud to present our very own escape room! You have 20 minutes to solve puzzles and search for clues as you frantically try and escape our burning building. Complete with annoying next-door neighbours! To book your time slot for the escape room, please go HERE

I purchased two tickets, do I have to line up twice?

Yes, once patrons are done exploring their first haunted house, they must line up a second time.


How can I pay for my tickets?

Tickets are available on-site (at the door!) and online. Tickets may sell out so Potter's recommends purchasing tickets online well in advance. On-site we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, debit or cash. Online tickets can be purchased via Paypal or credit card HERE.


Are there discounts to buying tickets online?

Yes! Most nights if you purchase tickets online you save $$$ over buying tickets in-person at our ticket booth. 

What time do ticket sales end? 

Ticket sales end at the latest posted time on our ticket page or until tickets sell out. In other words, if it says the event is 7pm to 10pm, ticket sales end at 10pm (as long as tickets do not sell out). That means if there are tickets still available, you can purchase them right up until 10pm and still get through all haunted houses. ** PLEASE NOTE: The event does not shut down at 10pm (or 10:30pm on certain nights). Ticket sales simply end at the posted time (if tickets are still available) and patrons will still have time to make it through all the haunted houses as long as they are in line before 10pm (or 10:30pm on certain nights).


What is a Speedpass ticket? 

A Speedpass ticket is a premium ticket that allows patrons to skip the main haunted house line-ups and enter the haunted houses with less waiting time. ** PLEASE NOTE: Speedpass tickets do not allow patrons to immediately enter the haunted houses! Speedpass tickets simply skip the main haunted house line-ups and essentially make for a considerably shorter wait time. On less-busy nights, Speedpass wait times would be expected to be 5 to 10 minutes or less. On busy nights Speedpass wait times could be 20 minutes or more. Compared to the regular line-ups on those nights, the Speedpass line-up will be a much faster option to enter the haunted houses.


Do tickets ever sell out?

Sometimes! Potter's encourages patrons to buy tickets online well in advance. People who attend our House of Horrors on busy nights and want to buy tickets at our ticket booth are taking their chances on the event being sold out for that evening. The only way to ensure you will get tickets for busy nights is to purchase tickets online.  


Are the line-ups very long? 

That’s a loaded question!! Early in the event the line-ups tend to be short and move quickly. Some nights you can walk right into either haunted house without waiting at all! That’s why we always encourage patrons to come early in the event as it’s the same great show but with shorter line-ups (and it's usually cheaper!!). As we inch closer towards Halloween expect line-ups to get longer and longer. For those who hate long lines, our Speedpass ticket may be a better option.

Is it a ride?
No, visitors walk through all the attractions. You can set your own pace. 

Is it dark?
Of course it's dark! How much fun would it be if it wasn't? Groups with younger visitors may ask the ticket taker for a complimentary GLOW STICK. Just keep it visible to the actors and they will 'tone down' their acts. 

Is it a maze? Can I get lost?
It is not a maze. It is a labyrinth-like walk-thru of rooms and displays connected by dark hallways. You will not get lost. Our security team (in orange t-shirts) are there to assist you!

Can we wear Halloween costumes inside?
No. For safety reasons guests are not permitted to wear costumes. 


Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

The actors will not grab you but there could certainly be incidental contact as actors brush up against you in narrow hallways, etc. Remember that they are moving all over the haunted house all night in tight confines, working extremely hard to provide the best scares and thrills that they can possibly muster. Please respect our actors and staff and PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS OR SETS!!!

Are your attractions open if it rains?
Yes! Our haunted houses are indoors. The area for the box office line and lines to enter the haunts are also indoors. On extremely busy nights line-ups can make their way outside with little cover but Potter's always does their best to keep their patrons dry.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?
No. Due to tight turns and partially impeded pathways the event is not considered wheelchair accessible.

Is there a lot of smoke?
We may use fog machines. They produce a very minimal amount of fog and should not affect anyone. 

Are there strobe lights?
Yes, we do use strobe lights. 


Do you use fake blood and other stage prop materials?

Yes, we use fake blood, oil, grease and grime as well as other stage prop materials to get the most authentic looking haunt that we can. These materials can sometimes mark or stain clothing so Potter's House of Horrors advises against wearing light-coloured clothing or highly valued attire.

Can I go in if I'm pregnant?
This event is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are in general poor health. You take your own risks when entering the event with any of the aformentioned conditions.

Once we've used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket?
No. A new ticket is required for each trip through a haunted house. 

Do your attractions have security?
Yes. We have a team of uniformed (orange t-shirts) and non-uniformed personnel on site 24 hours a day. This is a fun event and we seldom have problems, but we are prepared. We also have a first aid team supplied by St. John's Ambulance at all times we are open.

Can we be thrown out of the event for any reason?
This is a fun event and we do not allow any contact with our actors or sets, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. Large groups will be broken up and may be escorted thru by security personnel.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property. 

Can we take photos or video of your haunted houses?
No, photography or video is not allowed inside the actual haunted house. However, photos/ video are permitted outside, in the waiting line and in the attraction/ concession area.

What can't we bring with us inside your haunted houses?
We do not allow food or beverages, costumes, backpacks or flashlights. 

Are there washrooms on site?
Yes, we have Porta-potties.

Is there food or a concession at this year's haunt?
Yes, there’s a concession stand that also sells horrific-ly fun merchandise. 

And the #1 most often asked question…Is it scary?

If it’s too scary and I don’t make it through can I have a refund?
Hahahaha! Our scare team has worked months to make this event SCARY! It is a SCARY event! We aim to SCARE you!! If we scare you to the point that you have to exit, it’s like a pat on the back for us. So the answer is... NO REFUNDS!